Using the Advanced Search

Our advanced search function allows users to search by keyword only, advanced filtering options only, or a combination of both.

1. The Filter Options

1) The Keyword Search

    • The keyword search matches the term(s) you entered with words in the Title, Author or Publication Information fields. Use short keywords and terms as the search function does not process long phrases well.
    • Do not use any operators (e.g. AND, OR, etc.) or quotation marks (" ") in your keyword search.
    • You do not have to use all the keyword search boxes; unused boxes may be left as they are

2) Subject Category

    • The subject category filter matches those found on the Sources by Category page, excluding news series and other research guides. At least one category must be selected, or your search will not yield any results.

3) Subject Region

    • The subject region refers to the geographic area of the topic, not the location of the publisher or author. The default option is "Select All,” or all geographic areas. You can filter by up to four subject regions.

4) Source Type

    • Source type is a categorization of the source document itself. The default option is “Select All," or all source types.

5) Year

    • Use this filter if you only want sources within a specific time range, for example, 2009-2011. If you want to search sources before a certain date, set your "Year End" and then leave "Year Start" as the default. The same can be done if searching for sources published after a specific year.

6) Affiliation

    • At least one affiliation must be selected, or your search will not yield any results.

2. Submitting your Search, Returning to Previous Searches, and Resetting the Default options

.Upon submitting your advanced search, you will be sent to the bottom of the page. The keyword and filtering choices will automatically be reset to their default options. Details about the search you just executed are provided directly above your search results.

If you want to return to view or modify your previous search criteria, use the "Back" button on your computer browser.

3. Advanced Search Troubleshooting

I am not getting any results. Make sure you have checked off at least one category and at least one affiliation. You may also need to loosen some of your filters, such as allowing a wider year range or number of categories. Also consider different keywords, and avoid using lengthy or overly specific terminology. However, given the dearth of scholarship on some specific social impacts of shale natural gas drilling, it may be the case that the study you seek does not yet exist.

I am getting too many results. If a "Select All" option is checked for Type of Source or Subject Region, or if you have left at least one keyword box blank (as opposed to keeping "none selected"), then these settings will override any additional filters you have placed for these areas.

I have other difficulties. Contact us if you are unable to resolve your problem or have suggestions for improvement.

4. Spreadsheet Searching

Our entire database of sources is available for view and download as a Google Spreadsheet.